Groups and Activities


Meets on Mondays at 2.30pm. This is how one of the members describes it:

“Some of us knit and have knitted prayer shawls which are given to people who are maybe ill or housebound and perhaps find comfort in a shawl that was knitted with love and prayers. This covers the craft side of things.

We have had our usual tea parties for birthdays during the past year and we recently had a “no reason party” which was a lovely surprise. Our lunch outing at Christmas was a visit to the White Swan at Dinnington which everyone seemed to enjoy.

Some of the group attend the Monday Communion service at 2pm and then come in for tea/coffee and a chat. It can get quite lively, with different conversations going on at the same time as we put the world to rights. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s views about a range of subjects, and that covers the care part of our title. We are basically a cheerful bunch, sometimes a bit crazy, but it’s good to let your hair down and relax now and again.

If you need an hour and a half of forgetting your worries and problems then perhaps the Care and Craft Group is the place to be. If you want to attend the Communion Service it is at 2pm for about 30 minutes and then into the Care Centre for refreshments and company. You will be most welcome.”


Meet on Wednesdays in Term time from 4.45pm to 6.00pm. Contact Ashleigh Mitchell on 07891041662 to find out more information and to put your child’s name down for a place.


arranges a variety of activities for church members and friends – anyone who’d like to come. Activities such as meals out, visiting the theatre, and (very competitive) Beetle drives keep us entertained.


Curious about the name? Then look up the story.

Our youth group meets on Thursdays at 6.00-7.00pm during term time. During school holidays we sometimes have trips out together. Open to 10-16 years. If you want to find out more about the Christian faith, and have fun while doing so, this may be the place for you. One of our favourite activities was a sleepover in church – we had great fun, and not a lot of sleep.


meets every Sunday, except during August, during the 10.00am service. We start off in church, sharing a few jokes with everyone, looking for our church mice (not real ones!) before we’re sent off with a prayer to enjoy our own teaching. We have lots of fun, games and stories and learn what it is to live as a Christian. We join the grown ups after about 40 minutes.


meets most Fridays at 6.45pm to practise the songs for that Sunday and any anthems for the worship.  Anyone can join them.


meets Thursdays monthly – see Facebook for up to date information.