Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals


You are thinking about baptism? That’s great! Baptism (a.k.a Christening) takes place in this church on Sundays – either during the 10.00am service, as agreed with the Vicar, or at 11.40am, usually held on the second, third and fourth Sundays of the month.

You can be baptised and welcomed into the church family, and start on your journey of faith at any age. To enquire about a baptism for yourself, or a baby or child, in the first instance, either ring the Vicar for more information, or:

  • Attend a Sunday service – either the 10.00am weekly service or the ‘first Sunday of the month’ Faith at Five service at 5.00pm. After the service, we will fill in a booking form and arrange the date of the Christening.
  • We will ask you to start attending the monthly 30 minute Faith at Five service, so that you can start to get more of an idea of the Christian faith.
  • We will arrange to visit you at home and guide you through the service and explain to you about the promises you and your godparents are going to make on behalf of your child.
  • The Service takes place and you will receive the Baptism card and Godparent cards.
  • We hope you will continue to attend church with your family to learn more about the Christian faith that you are baptised into.

NB If you are an adult or teenager we would expect you to start attending church regularly and to commit to a course of instruction before being baptised.

For more information about ‘Your baptism’ visit: ChurchofEngland website


We have a lovely church for couples to get married in. In the first instance, contact the Vicar to arrange a time to visit and start the booking process. If you have been married previously, this won’t necessarily exclude you from getting married in church – have a chat with the vicar. These days, weddings take place on any day of the week, and we will try to accommodate you if we are able to. Getting married in church is special, and invites God’s blessing on your marriage, as well as recognising the solemnity of commitment you make together in front of your friends and families and before God.

In the months leading up to your marriage you will have some sessions with the Minister at times to be arranged. These will include the arrangements for the service, and time spent in thinking through the commitment you are making to each other in the sight of God.

There are fees charged for weddings, the Vicar will work out the costs for your wedding. There is really useful information for wedding couples to be found here.


Most people choose to have a funeral at the crematorium or cemetery, and a Minister will take the service on request for anyone who lives in the Parish. You will be able to choose readings and what is to be said about your loved one.

If you choose to have a funeral service in church, then you can have a bit longer for the service, and the opportunity for singing hymns as well as including favourite music or songs if you wish. A service in church is then followed by a short committal service at the crematorium or cemetery.